General conditions


The future tenant must inform his arrival time as well as his flight or train number in order to best organize his entry into the premises.

The tenant must imperatively give the IMMOSOL agency before entering the premises the deposit as well as a copy of an official identity document (identity card or passport) of each occupant.

The CHECK-IN is from 4 p.m.

The tenant must notify the IMMOSOL agency of his time of arrival in order to organize his arrival as best as possible at the foot of the building where the rented apartment is located.

If the tenant arrives outside of opening hours, 9 am to 12 pm / 2 pm to 6 pm, the IMMOSOL agency must be kept informed as quickly as possible in order to organize the handing over of the keys.

The CHECK-OUT is at 10 a.m.

An email will be sent to the tenant a few days before their departure regarding the instructions for returning the keys.


Advance payment

25% of the rental price is requested upon reservation except for reservations during congresses and festivals for which 50% of the rental price is requested.

Any option is maintained for 4 days on the schedule. If within this period no payment has reached IMMOSOL, the reservation is canceled by itself.


The balance of the rental must reach IMMOSOL 1 month before the start of the stay.

Upon receipt of the balance, the tenant is sent a CHECK-IN ONLINE, a request for information (arrival time, flight number, train number, etc.) as well as the deposit.

The total rental amount can be directly requested from the tenant if their arrival begins less than a month before their reservation date.


The prices advertised on the website for seasonal rentals include administrative fees, consumption of water, gas, electricity, tourist tax, household linen (bed sheets, towels, tea towel). kitchen) as well as final cleaning.

Any other additional services requested by the tenant are not included in this price.


The description of the seasonal rentals is established in good faith according to the information provided by the owners. All rentals have crockery and blankets for the beds. Sheets, bath and hand towels are also provided. Cots and high chairs are available on request.

"Pets allowed" means a dog or a cat, one in number. The presence of an animal must always appear on the booking voucher. The maximum number of people allowed in the rental is indicated in the description, it is imperative to comply with it, the IMMOSOL agency being able, as of right, to refuse entry to any excess person. The maximum number of people includes child and baby.


IMMOSOL offers several extras such as Linen, towel, extra bed, child's bed, hours of cleaning etc ... these extras are chosen by the tenant client and are invoiced in addition to the rental and a deposit 25% of the total amount of extras must be paid in order to confirm.

IMMOSOL offers a free luggage storage service. During opening hours (Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.) Saturday and Sunday on request, the tenant can drop off and collect their luggage directly at the IMMOSOL agency located at 18 rue Macé, 06400 Cannes.

The IMMOSOL agency also offers a concierge service. The tenant can ask the agency to make an appointment, make a reservation or contact various providers.


A deposit must be paid when entering the premises, its amount is mentioned in the description. This is why the IMMOSOL agency has set up Swikly, an online deposit system. This allows you to secure your deposit without any impact on your credit card limit.


The tenant can subscribe  for any stay not exceeding three months, a cancellation guarantee and civil liability towards the owner. this subscribtion is at the cost of the tenant. information can be asked to the agency.


If the cancellation of the rental is confirmed by the tenant customer more than 40 days before the start date of the stay, the cancellation fees represent 25% of the rental amount.

If the cancellation of the rental is confirmed by the tenant customer between 40 and 15 days before the start date of the stay, the cancellation fees represent 80% of the rental amount.

If the cancellation of the rental is confirmed between 15 days before the start date of the stay and the day of arrival, the cancellation fees represent 100% of the rental amount.

In the event of cancellation of a stay that cannot be covered by the cancellation insurance of a tenant client or a company having made one or more reservations, i.e. from 6 apartments, the sums paid will be kept by IMMOSOL in their entirety.

In the context of continued uncertainty, we have adapted our cancellation policy and refund conditions for the 2021 season to best meet your expectations. We hope that these conditions allow you to approach with all the serenity that we owe you this long awaited stay.

For the avoidance of doubt, we are adding the following 4 scenarios to our cancellation conditions related to COVID-19 (effective on the date of stay):

• If the government of the country of origin of the person who made the reservation prohibits all travel abroad to France.

• If travel or border restrictions in France (ordered by the French government to COVID-19) prevent the person who made the reservation from traveling to France.

• If the French government decides, until the day before the stay, to quarantine the country or the geographical area of ​​the property during the customer's stay. Provided that the client does not spend the quarantine in the reserved property.

• If there is compulsory confinement and a travel ban in France or in the country of origin of the person who made the reservation.

If the customer justifies not being able to travel due to at least 1 scenario related to COVID-19 and described in our cancellation conditions above, the refund will occur under the following conditions:

• The customer can cancel his reservation at any time. His deposit will then be preserved until the date of his stay and returned within a maximum of 15 days if one of the scenarios described in our cancellation conditions is effective at the time of his stay.

• If the customer cancels his reservation and that on the date of his stay there is no ban on travel, his deposit can be refunded only if the property has been re-let in the meantime and at the same price. , if the rate is different, it will be retained by the customer who cancels. Otherwise and if the customer still does not wish to come, Immosol keeps the deposit


IMMOSOL cannot be held responsible for mechanical, electrical and technical malfunctions such as television, cable service, internet connection, household appliances, air conditioning….

The IMMOSOL agency strives to alleviate as quickly as possible this type of inconvenience beyond our control. IMMOSOL alone will be able to assess the level of inconvenience caused to its customers and will offer either a commercial discount or rehousing if necessary. When the WiFi connection is offered, it is free throughout our program (except for the exceptions specified in the description) but the agency does not offer any guarantee as to the stability of this service IMMOSOL cannot be held responsible for 'incompatibility of laptops with the modem.


If the tenant has complaints about the accommodation they have chosen or the content of the inventory, they must notify us by email at maximum 48 hours after handing over the keys. The agency recalls that the omissions of personal effects inside the rented accommodation, when vacating the premises, cannot engage the responsibility of IMMOSOL