The city of Cannes is world-famous for many things: the cinema, its festival, its Old Port, but above all for La Croisette! This most famous promenade, the jewel in the crown, along which many stars and tourists have strolled, runs alongside the white sandy beaches that characterise the Côte d’Azur. Surrounded by luxury residences and pleasure seekers in the sun, here’s what you need to know about La Croisette in Cannes, and a few tips to make the most of your visit!

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Strolling along La Croisette, the glamorous heart of Cannes

Initially, La Croisette was not intended to be a place of reference for luxury: its name comes from the Provençal “Crouseto”, which was a circular tower in the Middle Ages that served to detect the approach of hostile ships and from where the alarm rang out in the event of danger.

During the 17th century, when Louis XIII declared war on Emperor Ferdinand II, a fort called Croisette or Fort de la Croix was built on this site. In fact, there was a road linking Cannes to Cap Croisette at this time, but like the fort, it no longer exists.

In 1853, two centuries later, with the permission of the State, the mayor of Cannes Marius Barbe decided to build a promenade and La Croisette was finally created in the form we know it today. However, its prestige has grown with the passage of time: its worldwide renown is largely due to the International Film Festival and the Palais des Festivals where this is held, but also to the presence of major hotels along La Croisette, real estate agencies and top brand boutiques.


The best panoramas and photo opportunities on La Croisette

La Croisette is a luxurious and lush place: which means you can take countless sumptuous photos to create unforgettable memories. As well as the various hotel rooftops that overlook La Croisette and offer spectacular views, you can also find other vantage points that will make your stay in Cannes worthwhile.

First of all, head for the coastal path with its superb views of the Mediterranean and the Bay of Cannes. It’s also an ideal place to relax and take a dip but beware of peak times in summer – after all, you’re on the busiest beach in Cannes.

Another legendary site on the Croisette is the steps of the Palais des Festivals. If you love cinema and photography, head for the city’s most famous building to immortalise the scene. You too can climb the steps and walk the red carpet like a film star!

Shopping on La Croisette: exclusive boutiques and shops

When you think of La Croisette, you can’t help but notice the image of luxury it reflects: on the left-hand side, as you descend from the Palais des Festivals, the grand hotels and luxury boutiques are all there. With their columns, ornate balconies and immaculate whiteness, these buildings are architectural jewels which have nothing to envy the views before them.

The big names in haute couture, jewellery and leather goods have made their home on the legendary boulevard of La Croisette: Chanel, Hermès and Christian Dior are just some of the boutiques on offer to satisfy your desire for grandeur. What’s more, if your shopping cravings aren’t satisfied, you can make a diversion to Rue d’Antibes, a street running parallel to La Croisette which is known as the busiest thoroughfare in Cannes. In fact, there are no fewer than 800 boutiques lining this street, enough to satisfy every taste!


Gastronomy and emblematic places to eat on La Croisette

La Croisette is not only a landmark for its shops, but also a promenade where you can enjoy a good meal, all with a sea front view! Over 30 beach restaurants line the boulevard, offering magnificent views of the Lérins Islands and the Esterel Massif.

As well as the pleasant surroundings, there’s plenty of choice on offer: as well as French cuisine, you can also discover Israeli cuisine at the Bella restaurant, for example, or Mediterranean cuisine at the famous Croisette Beach restaurant.

Events and festivities on La Croisette all year round

As the sun sets, La Croisette takes on a whole new look, with a festive atmosphere in which to enjoy a meal, chat, dance and sing according to your mood. According to regulars, La Môme Plage is the place to go to enjoy the sunset and a good cocktail.

Throughout the year, La Croisette is synonymous with festivities, with many scheduled events and exhibitions. As well as the Palais des Festivals and the famous Cannes Film Festival, which themselves offer a plethora of activities, La Croisette has a packed calendar of events whatever the season: this summer, for example, don’t miss the Cannes Fireworks Festival, which will light up the bay with its bright colours.


Experience the luxury and beauty of Cannes on La Croisette

The Croisette in Cannes is a must-see if you’re visiting the Côte d’Azur; as well as its chic restaurants, hotels and boutiques, the Croisette offers a long promenade full of activities, relaxation and unforgettable moments. If you’d like to take a stroll along Cannes’ most famous thoroughfare and see for yourself, we invite you to visit our IMMOSOL website and choose the rental property that suits you best.