No matter the season, there is no perfect time for a vacation. However, there are regions where the weather is more favorable, whether for cultural visits, relaxing by the beach, or engaging in outdoor activities.

The city of Cannes, a popular destination for holidaymakers in the summer, is full of activities and adapts to the various climates characteristic of the Alpes-Maritimes region. What are they? What is the best season to visit Cannes? That’s what we will explore in this article about the weather in Cannes.


The climate and temperatures in Cannes

First, it’s important to locate the city of Cannes to understand its weather or climate: it is a seaside city on the French Riviera, in the Alpes-Maritimes department. Cannes benefits from a Mediterranean climate, meaning it has hot, dry summers and mild, more humid winters.

Additionally, the city can be exposed to various types of wind, such as the levant, a gentle and very humid wind from the east typical of the Mediterranean, or the sirocco, a very dry and hot Saharan wind from North Africa.

Regarding temperatures, on average, they stand at 14.6°C with an average maximum of 19.2°C and a minimum of 9.9°C. There are also nominal maximum temperatures of 26.9°C in August and minimums of 3.2°C in January, a logical seasonal variation, but these temperatures remain fairly mild, notably due to the presence of the Mediterranean.

Finally, in terms of sunshine (a key argument for summer vacationers), there is an average of 2740 hours per year, with a peak at 355 hours in August. Conversely, precipitation in the region averages 794 mm per year, unevenly distributed, with less than 20 mm in July and more than 120 mm in October.



Spring in Cannes sees a gradual improvement in the climate with temperatures progressively rising to reach 21°C in May. This season remains particularly interesting as the temperature stays pleasant. Moreover, the number of rainy days decreases, and sunshine increases, with an average of 14 hours of sunlight per day, making the climate more favorable. Perfect for enjoying the gentle winds and temperate weather of the coast.


The flagship season of the Côte d’Azur and highly favored by vacationers, summer in Cannes is hot and dry, a characteristic climate of the region. With maximum temperatures nearing 28°C in July and August, it remains the ideal season to enjoy the city’s beaches and the sea, which also reaches an average temperature of 24°C in August. As for sunshine, it also reaches its maximum with an average of 15 hours per day.


Autumn in Cannes remains a good alternative for vacationers in search of pleasant temperatures, as these remain mild and the sunshine satisfactory. However, it is during this season that precipitation starts to appear, especially in November. Nonetheless, the climate remains favorable for carrying out outdoor activities, such as cultural visits or walks along the coast.


Generally, winter in Cannes is quite mild, with minimum daytime temperatures around 12°C in January. However, the climate can be unfavorable due to frequent precipitation in the region, occasional snow, and significant cloud cover. Sunshine is also lower during the winter months, with an average of 8 hours per day.

The best time to visit Cannes based on the weather:

First, it is worth noting that the best time to visit Cannes depends on individual preferences, but also on what you are looking for in the region: is it a sunny beach holiday? Or is it to visit the cultural sites of the city?

If you want to make the most of the nautical activities and the beaches Cannes offers, it is advisable to visit between May and September; this is also when most of the businesses that bring the resort town to life are open, such as shops, itinerant vendors, and canoe rentals…

In short, the city of Cannes truly comes alive during the summer. However, one can notice a record influx of tourists during this period, which means facing more expensive accommodations and a more crowded environment in the streets and on the beach.

If you prefer a more temperate climate and a quieter atmosphere, the months of March, April, and October are ideal. This will allow you to enjoy the calm during long walks along the coast or serene cultural visits with fewer people.

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In any season, come visit Cannes and enjoy its Mediterranean climate!

In summary, the city of Cannes offers a pleasant Mediterranean climate almost all year round, with dry summers and milder winters. It remains an ideal destination for vacationers seeking sun, beach, and sea, especially during the summer months. However, even during winter or autumn and despite the more capricious weather, Cannes remains a choice destination thanks to its exceptional environment and many attractions.

Are you looking to visit the city of Cannes, in any season? Do not hesitate any longer and visit our website to discover the various accommodations available to you, no matter which month you choose for your vacation!