The Cannes Lions, also known as the International Festival of Creativity, is an advertising festival held annually in the city of Cannes at the iconic Palais des Festivals et des Congrès. Today, it is among the most prestigious events in the advertising, communication, and creative sectors in general.

The festival was founded in 1954 by European producers of advertising films. Rich in this heritage, the event will take place from June 17 to 21, 2024. Dive into the world of advertising and discover what it's all about at the Cannes Lions.


Les Cannes Lions : le festival de publicité le plus prestigieux du monde

Each year, the Cannes Lions receive more than 20,000 advertising works from around the world to be evaluated by an international and renowned jury. Among all these works, there are more than 5,000 advertising films, about 10,000 announcements and posters, 1,500 internet titles, over 800 media solutions, and some 1,200 proposals for direct marketing that will be observed by more than 9,000 advertisers from around the world.

It is also during this festival that the most influential personalities in the industry meet, such as Malala Yousafzai or David Droga, to name just a few. The Cannes Lions allow all participants, whether experienced or beginners, to collaborate, share ideas, and progress through their creativity and shared passion.

For this edition, no fewer than 30 different awards divided into nine categories, such as the “Classics,” “crafts,” and “entertainment,” are counted.

International Festival of Creativity Cannes Lions 2024 | June 17–21, 2024  

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Discover the most creative campaigns awarded at the Cannes Lions

The awards are the foundation of the success of the Cannes Lions. They represent creative excellence in all sectors and specialties of the industry – and across the globe – and reward creativity in all its forms.

Each year, during the festival, people from all over the world gather to witness a historic event. At each award ceremony, the new global benchmark for creativity is determined in 30 award categories, ranging from filmmaking to creative business transformation.

According to organizers and industry experts, the festival is an opportunity to share one’s work with the world and gain deserved recognition from peers. It’s also a chance to make history in advertising.

This year, the names of 29 industry experts, from a record-breaking sample of 15 different markets, have been unveiled as jury presidents. They will bring their expertise to lead the juries that will award the Lions at the Cannes Lions Festival for this 2024 edition.

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How to Participate in the Cannes Lions: Tips and Recommendations

There are many ways to participate in the Cannes Lions for this 2024 edition: from dedicated academies and competitions to specialized and premium passes offered by the festival, several options are possible.

Count on about 4,000 euros for a standard pass, which will allow you to access all conferences and award ceremonies, the closing night, and the Connections Lounge, and to obtain digital access to the event. It is worth noting that there are advantageous offers for students and emerging talents, which make it easier for them to access this environment.

Moreover, LIONS scholarships allow talents from underrepresented communities to participate, notably through the See It Be It initiative, which aims to advocate for gender representation equality in the industry.

The Cannes Lions and Their Impact on the Advertising Industry

The Cannes Lions festival has a major impact on the advertising field in many ways, notably on an individual scale: for example, the theme of the previous edition for Udecam focused on developing numerous tools for measuring carbon footprint, which has helped raise awareness on an environmental topic.

Thus, the event allows various players to rethink the field with increasingly innovative ideas, in addition to bringing more creativity to advertising in general.

Besides, the festival allows networking among various actors in the advertising world, pushing them to collaborate but also to surpass themselves in terms of creativity and quality, which ultimately helps develop the sector as a whole.


Cannes Lions Accommodation

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Trends That Have Marked the Cannes Lions

Each year in June, the Cannes Lions deliver a batch of trends in terms of rewards: last year, for the 70th edition of the Cannes Lions, France won three Grand Prix, two of which were for Publicis Conseil.

What makes this event original are the categories it comprises: this year, for instance, the appearance of the “Luxury & Lifestyle Lions” is noteworthy, a reward that serves as a global reference for luxury sector brands and rewards the most creative works, experiences, and business solutions in this sector.

Also, the introduction of a category focused on humor was inaugurated to highlight advertisers who use it in their communication. Moreover, the works presented in this category must appeal to wit and satire to entertain the public and create memorable and conducive links to laughter.

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Open to professionals in the sector as well as beginners, the Cannes Lions remain a unique experience and a must-attend event for all players in the advertising world, but also and especially for organizations that demonstrate great creativity.

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